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James S. Brawley & Associates, Inc. is a full service acoustical and sound system design firm. We have provided acoustic and sound system designs for many 1000-4000 seat auditoriums, theaters, and worship spaces, as well as athletic & concert venues. We were retained consultants to JBL Professional from 1996 - 2002. We were retained consultants to Showco, Inc from 1983 to 2000. We currently have consulting relationships with audio equipment manufactures, architectural and engineering firms, and systems contractors located in the Carolinas, Tennessee and Georgia.

Mr. Jim Brawley, President of JSB&A, Inc. graduated with a BS degree in Physics from Clemson University in 1971. He founded James S. Brawley & Associates, Inc. in 1981. Jim Brawley has been designing sound system and room acoustics for all types of venues for the past 23 years. Before his consulting practice Jim worked as the Applications Engineer for JBL Professional. As part of his JBL experience Jim taught classes in sound system and room acoustic design to dealers of sound system equipment. During his affiliation with JBL Professional Products he worked with several well-known experts in the field of acoustics and loudspeaker system design including John Eargle, D.B. Keele, Mark Gander and George Augspurger. He also carried out many special design projects for JBL including designing a central loudspeaker cluster for the Hollywood Bowl, the development of an automatic mixing system, and creating a format for a new line of motion picture theater loudspeaker systems.

Since establishing himself as an acoustical consultant Mr. Brawley has enjoyed a worldwide reputation as a loudspeaker system designer. Products that he has designed are used from the House of Blues in Los Angeles to the State Opera House of Vienna Austria as well as for world concert arena and stadium touring acts like Janet Jackson, Phil Collins, N-Sync, George Strait and many others.

Description of Services Offered:

Typical services for acoustical and production systems offered by JSB&A, Inc. include:
- Sound System
- A/V Presentation
- Acoustics

Additional services offered in conjunction with our Professional Associates include:
- Acoustics
- HVAC systems noise
- Stage equipment
- Theatrical and Entertainment lighting
- Video Production

Example Project:

Typically for Acoustical design, HVAC noise consulting, sound & A/V systems design we conduct a project as follows:

- Jim Brawley acts as sound and acoustics system designer to develop a complete system design that meets the production, physical, and acoustical requirements of the facility staff and their architect. A systems contractor selected through competitive bidding or negotiation acts as the equipment supplier and installation contractor and provides a project supervisor.

- We retain one of our associate consultants for room acoustics and noise control to provide acoustical materials consulting and noise control recommendations directly to the architects and their mechanical engineers.

- For staging, lighting, and video production we retain the services of our production consultants. We integrate their work with our sound and A/V work into a single production systems document that includes specifications and drawings.

- Jim Brawley provides technical support during construction and performs proof of performance, checks of as built documentation, and sound system tuning of the completed system.

Project Layout:

Phase 1: Programming and Construction Documents Phase – 65%

- Programming and schematic design with preliminary equipment list and budget.
- MS Word documents for specifications placed in sections 11 or 17.
- AutoCAD files with conduit and rigging infrastructure, panel and rack details, and signal flow diagrams.

Phase 2: Bidding Reviews – 5%

Phase 3: Construction observation and proof of performance – 25%

Phase 4: Project Closeout – 5%

- Final performance observation, and punch list approval.


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